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Reset Epson AP

Reset Epson WF - All models available

Reset Epson WF - Unlimited is intended for pad, counter or end-of-life error of some internal component.

What should I do when my Epson WF printer keeps flashing all the lights?

Initially it is necessary to know what error your Epson WF Printer is showing, for this it is simple to print something and check the error message that appears on your computer or notebook screen, let's go to the steps

1 - Print something anything and check the message that appears on the status monitor 3 EPSON WF

2 - Check if the message that appears is ink pad is at the end of its useful life. Contact Epson WF support (in this case it is reset)

3 – If you don't see any error on your screen, your Epson WF Printer drivers are probably not installed correctly, it will be necessary to download the corresponding Epson WF Printer Drivers from Epson WF's own page, install it completely and then repeat the installation again. the steps above Print something and check what error message appears on your screen in status monitor 3 Epson WF

How to Reset Cushion on Epson WF?

The procedure is simple and fast, it doesn't require a lot of knowledge, and in this case you only need the computer connected to the internet and the Epson WF Printer must be connected via a USB cable, and your Epson WF Printer must also be connected with the lights on

Now it is necessary to download program related to your Epson WF Printer. All Epson WF printers have a program to reset the pad counter, this program is called reset

1 - Download the program sent to your email your registration email on the purchase platform

2 - Activate the program with the key that is in the same email (this key is under the download and tutorial link)

3 - Beside the download button you will find the video tutorial, follow the video tutorial as described

4 - after completing all the reset procedure of your printer, turn off and on the Epson WF Printer ready reset completed and your printer will be unlocked

What is Epson WF Printer Ink Pad?


Inside every Epson WF printer there is a waste collector that is called a pad.

Every time you turn on your printer it starts doing an initial test this initial test also uses the print head and the inkjets this unused ink has to go somewhere and that place is the ink pad.

Every time you print something it also cleans it and more ink is thrown into that pad collector.

There will come a point where this pad will be saturated and to prevent ink from leaking into your printer and damaging circuit boards in terms of your printer it will lock up to prevent damage.

what needs to be done in this case

Either it is necessary to replace this pad or it is necessary to install a drainage device called a dispenser, after the change or installation it is necessary to do the printer reset procedure to reset the pad's internal counter, the same counter that locks your printer , after resetting this counter with a reset program your printer will be unlocked